Sakamura manufactures a full line of cold, warm and hot progressive forging machines for producing bolts, nuts, specialty fasteners, bicycle and automobile components, building fasteners, and many other products.

Our philosophy can be summed up in one word speed. We design our machines to give you faster changeover, faster forging speed, and more automation and productivity from integrated post processes.

Offering 3 minute changeover robots, automatic wire supply systems, and total forging automation, Sakamura forging machines are leading the way into the new century of forging technology.

Main Features

APT Chuck

Our APT chuck system lets you pull the transfer unit up and out of the forging area, with blanks still gripped by the chucks, so you can set up the transfer at a more convenient position. This means you can check for cutoff scarring, seizures, cracks, and other problems from a more comfortable position that lets you do the job better. You can change chuck cassettes, align fingers, and check blank grip faster and easier.

Fast & Easy Punch Setup

Sakamura lets you fine tune blank dimensions while the former is running because punch extension can be adjusted automatically at the push of a button. Electrical digital displays make it fast and easy to align punches vertically and horizontally.

SP Conveyor and Easy Inspection System

High-precision products like gears and splined shafts can get damaged if they are allowed to drop out of the former. Our SP (Scarring Prevention) conveyor runs through the forging area to softly catch finish blanks. We’ve also developed a special conveyor system that delivers finished blanks to the operating stand for convenient in-process inspection.

PFAS (Part Forming Assist System)

Sakamura’s Part Forming Assist System (PFAS) provides dependable high-speed forging transfer of shorter blanks, such as automotive ball joints, by supporting the blank during kickout to prevent drops. PFAS also partially inserts the blank into the die just before the forging hits to maintain a dependable transfer action.

Enclosed Die & 2-Stage Kickout

Sakamura’s unique 2 piece enclosed die (1&2) allows bevel gears to be made in a progressive forging process. When the ram advances, the ring wedge (3) mechanically clamps the two die pieces together in perfect alignment to form the enclosed die. Once the die is clamped, the 2-stage kickout action opens the ring wedge and ejects the blank.